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I don't see any possibility to add a label to a page? Is there such an option?

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      Hello Ran

      Thank you for contacting us. 

      Labels can be set on a page using RefinedTheme for Confluence, but it sounds as if you may have the option switched off. 

      The setting for labels is in the Space Layout. A Space Layout can either be set from a space, and then it applies to that specific space, or from the Theme Configuration, where you have the global option and templates you can use. 

      To edit a Space Layout on a space:

      1. Go to the space. 

      2. Open the space menu and click Space Layout

      3. The editor is opened and you can make sure the label-option is checked. 

      To edit a global Space Layout or a template

      1. Go to the Theme Configuration

      2. Go to the Space Layouts & Dashboards-tab

      3. Edit the global Space Layout (or one for the template if you have that applied to spaces)

      4. Make sure the labels-option is checked. 

      If the option is checked for the Space Layout you are using, please let us know and we’ll investigate further. 

      Best Regards,
      Maria Heij

      1. Ran Lavi

        Great! thank you

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