With the latest release of RefinedTheme for Confluence we're giving you the tools to get more out of Confluence with added structure, design and intuitive navigation. 

Upgrade notes

Introducing Sites

With the latest version of RefinedTheme you can power multiple sites on the one Confluence instance. 


Introducing a New Layout Editor

Create visual and engaging landing pages for your sites by adding content and quick links to dashboards and categories. All from within our new inbuilt layout editor. 


Revamped UI

We have revamped the UI and given the whole interface a sharper look and feel.


New Create Behaviour

We've updated the way users create content with a new UX design pattern. The create button sits in the bottom right hand corner and will travel with you as you scroll down a page. This means creating content is available with the click of a button. When hovering over the button, different create options will appear depending on which context you are in (see image below). 

Plus More

This release is packed with improvements and bug fixes.

  • Configure modules with CQL
  • Disablement on category dashboard individually per category.
  • Disablement on user dashboards.
  • Improvements to the theme editor. You can now add filters to your background images and change the color of the create button.
  • Improved third party compatibility with: Microblogging by Seibert Media, User Profiles by Communardo, Linchpin Custom User Profiles by Seibert Media
  • And many more. 

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