When you have upgraded RefinedTheme for Confluence, advice your users to refresh their browser. Stylesheets and scripts are usually changed in new versions and needs to be reloaded. 

If you are running a RefinedTheme version earlier than 5.1.x please read this guide to first upgrade to version 5.1.x

We always recommend to upgrade your dev instance first to make sure that everything works as expected.

Upgrading RefinedTheme Add-on to version 6.0

  1. Make sure RefinedTheme is compatible with your Confluence instance.
  2. Make sure that your Confluence instance is fully backed up.
  3. Change the theme to the default theme. (Confluence Admin > Look and Feel > Themes)
  4. Upload RefinedTheme 6.0.x to Confluence. (Confluence Admin > Configuration > Add-ons) 
  5. Go to the theme Configuration page(www.your.wiki.com/admin/originaltheme/theme-configuration.action) and click on the upgrade theme data button. 

  6. Activate the theme as the current global theme in the confluence administration menu (Confluence Admin > Look and Feel > Themes). 


Upgrade Information 

New location of theme and layout resources

We have moved all RefinedTheme related resources from the local confluence-data-home folder to the shared-home folder. The reason is to make future upgrades to Data Center easier. 

New dashboard format and editor.

In 6.0 we are introducing a new Layout Editor for your dashboards. Your dashboards will be automatically be migrated to the new storage format. 

And More..

The 6.0 release is packed with new features. You find more information in the release notes.