We are extremely pleased to be awarded 'Best IT Team add-on' in the annual Atlassian Codegeist hackathon for 2017. Our prize winning add-on created by the clever RefinedWiki dev team is called RefinedTheme for JIRA Service Desk CLOUD and is a mirror of our server version.

About RefinedTheme for JIRA Service Desk Cloud

RefinedTheme for JIRA Service Desk Cloud, put simply, improves the user interface of JIRA Service Desk by providing a customized (and themed) customer portal, rich content structure and simple navigation.

One thing (of many) that makes this add-on unique is that it interacts with our service (YOUR_URL.refined.support) and doesn’t live within an iframe. This makes for an overall solid UX environment. 

The add-on is available on the marketplace in alpha if you're keen to check it out yourself. 

Motivation to build the add-on

RefinedTheme for JIRA Service Desk Server has been received tremendously in its first 6 months of life. The number of installations continues to rapidly rise so we couldn't be more pleased to be able to bring the add-on to Cloud users. We were inspired to build this add-on upon realizing the challenge users were facing when trying to customize JIRA Service Desk customer portals. The add-on uses our theming expertise (RefinedTheme for Confluence now in it's 5th version) to overcome this challenge by making customer portals customizable with ease. Given the increasing demand for Cloud services, we want to be ahead of the game and provide high quality Cloud products for Atlassian users.

About Atlassian Codegeist 

Codegeist is an annual hackathon in which developers can submit a new add-on that is marked against criteria of usefulness, innovation, quality and design. This year, over 100 add-ons were submitted and a panel of six expert judges decided on the following winners:

Read about our submission here:

Codegeist Submission

Find RefinedTheme for JIRA Service Desk Cloud in Alpha on the Atlassian Marketplace:

RefinedTheme for JSD Cloud

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