We changed the name of our add-on RefinedTheme for Confluence Cloud to RefinedSpaces for Confluence Cloud. While RefinedSpaces for Confluence Cloud remains a kick-arse theming add-on, some features differ to RefinedTheme for Confluence Server. 

So what's the difference exactly?

RefinedSpaces gives you the tools to theme and organize content within a single space. RefinedTheme for Confluence Server enables you to theme and organize content at a higher level, rather than within a single space. With the recent ADG3 release we also released an update to RefinedSpaces which complements the slick new look and results in a clean, modern user interface for Confluence Cloud.


Why isn't our Cloud add-on the same as our Server add-on? 

Atlassian have restrictions on their Cloud platforms that they do not have on server platforms meaning it is not possible for us to replicate all RefinedTheme for Confluence features on cloud. The good news is though we are able to implement many of our core theming features including a powerful theme editor, simple editing features, and organization of content on a space. Furthermore the latest release comes with a new collection of handy macros

You can try RefinedSpaces yourself for free. 
Try RefinedSpaces

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