Go to: Admin > Themes

Create the design for your site and customer portals using the Theme Editor.

You can choose to use an existing bundled theme and edit it accordingly, you can create a new theme from scratch, you can copy an existing theme and apply your changes, and/or you can import a theme.

The anatomy of the Theme Editor

The Theme Editor has a large and responsive preview area where any setting you make is reflected instantly. The right hand side of the editor is where you expand sections to make the settings you want. 

Edit a current theme

Open the ThemeEditor by clicking Edit in the settings menu for a theme. 

Create a new theme

Click the Create Theme button, name your theme and play around with the ThemeEditor to create your theme. 

Copy an existing theme

Copy and edit an existing theme for a quick way to get a theme looking sharp. Click Copy in the settings menu, apply your changes (upload your branding, change the colors etc) and hit save. 

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