Running RefinedTheme on a global level will theme the Help Center, Sites, and Service Desk portals. The Help Center, Sites, Categories and the Service Desk portals will each have a landing page that you can edit in the layout editor by adding and removing Modules. The landing pages will guide your users to find documentation, search for answers, provide links and raise requests. 


Portal data security

The extra content (links, images..) that are stored on Service Desk portal pages introduced by Refined Theme are viewable for logged in users through the REST API. However, no portals will be displayed in the UI that the user have no access to.



Building your portal using the layout editor

An administrator can edit the portal page. Logged in as an admin, the edit-icon will be visible on the portal page. Click this and you'll find the edit mode. 

The anatomy of the layout editor

It's easy to build your portal. Use the links and buttons to add rows, columns and modules. If you do not know where to start, use a template to get you up an running. 




A portal is build by using modules, the modules are bundled in Refined Theme for JSD. Learn more about modules here: Modules.

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