RefinedSites documentation is currently under construction as we're introducing more features in a near future. 

If you're having trouble finding answers to your questions, please contact us at or support(at)

How RefinedSites is built

We are using public REST APIs provided by Atlassian to build your branded support site. Hence we cannot support 100% of the feature scope. However the vast majority of the Jira Service Desk features are included. 

Known limitations

  • When adding a customer to a Jira Service Desk project, if you check the box to "Send portal invitation", the customer will receive an email with a link to a default JSD customer portal, rather than a link to your RefinedSites support site. 

You can work around this by unchecking the box to "Send portal invitation" and instead direct them to your url. 

  • A request cannot be shared with other organizations and organizations that a request is shared with won't be shown in the request view.
  • Labels cannot be assigned to a request. 
  • Announcement banners added through the agent's view are not supported, instead we recommend adding a navigation icon. 
  • Some of the custom field types are supported, but not all of them. The same goes for default values for custom fields.  If you are using a particular one, please let us know, as it will help us prioritize.
  • User filtering in a user picker field towards a specific user group is currently not possible. 

Access to Knowledge Base

Currently RefinedSites does not support customers to access the Confluence Knowledge Base set up for a given service desk. This issue will be fixed as soon as the Atlassian API allows it.

Anonymous access

Atlassian's feature for portal visitors to access portals and raise tickets without logging in as well as searching a linked Knowledge Base Space is currently not supported by the API provided by Atlassian, which RefinedSites is build on. Thus, anonymous access on portals for Service Desk projects is not supported at this point in time by RefinedSites. The main Help Center page can be set as anonymously accessible. Our goal is to continually add functionality as the Atlassian API:s extends in features. 

More information

Make sure to look at our FAQs RefinedSites to get some more information on how it all works, or contact us at

Recently added features

  • Language support from browser recognition, same as Atlassian support for JSD Cloud (May 2018). 


Atlassian are continuously improving and releasing APIs. Along with these improvements, we too will improve the scope of our app. 

Missing something in particular?

If you are looking for a particular feature and can't find it, please let us know at

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